Share your love of the Big Bands with others!

With the wide variety on-air, on-line and on-app resources available today, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to determine how to best share your live of Big Band music with others. Here are some tips to help you navigate the social media jungle and make sure that everyone knows how much you love our music- and where they can find it.


Our Twitter username is @SwingStreetRadi so make sure to follow us. Twitter has over 500 million users so we want you to help us spread the word across the Twitter universe about Swing Street Here is how you can help:

  • @SwingStreetRadi – write a tweet about why you love Big Band and Swing music and be sure to mention our username of @SwingStreetRadi somewhere in your tweet. You could use some of the names of your favorite artists such as Glenn Miller or Bing Crosby or Billie Holiday; say we play the best music from the Big Band Era; that people can listen at or via TuneIn Radio app, etc.
  • #BigBandSwings – put this hashtag in your tweet and you’ll be able to connect with fellow Swing Street Radio listeners from around the world, plus this encourages other people to spread the word too!
  • Retweet – you could retweet some of our tweets so that your friends will see us in their Twitter timelines too.
  • Useful Twitter Tip – try not to start tweets with a @username as this means only the person who you’ve mentioned, plus any mutual followers between the two of you will be able to see your tweet in their timelines. For a tweet to show up in ALL of your followers timelines you would have to put a period or any symbol/emoticon before the @username (though this can look a bit strange), so the best thing is to re-word the tweet to put the @username elsewhere in the tweet.

Obviously, if you’re just replying to one specific person and don’t mind that it is only them that sees the tweet, then you can put their @username at the beginning of a tweet.


“Like” our Facebook page by going to or search “Swing Street Radio” in the Facebook app. If you have already “liked” us but never see our posts in your timeline – go to our page and hover your mouse over the “liked” button. This will then give you the option to select “Get Notifications”. Here are some of the ways you can use Facebook to help spread the word about your love of Big Bands and Swing Street Radio:

  • “Like” our posts – when you press “like” on any of our posts, your Facebook friends will see that you’ve liked a “Swing Street Radio” post, so this will encourage them to take a look at our page and hopefully “like” and listen to us too!
  • Share our posts – every weekend we post artist pictures from Swing Street and during the week we post various things. On our posts press the “share” button to share it with all your Facebook friends. You can add your own writing to the post telling people to tune in to your favorite station which plays the “Best songs from the golden age of popular music- the Big Band Era, the swingin’ist music on the radio”, or you can just share as it is.
  • Comment on our posts – we love it when you leave comments on any of our posts.
  • Create your own posts about Swing Street Radio – you can write a post on your Facebook timeline about why you love Swing Street and be sure to mention how your friends can listen to us via our website link and on ANY smartphone and tablet using the free TuneIn Radio app. You can also tag our Facebook page by writing @SwingStreetRadio which will put a clickable link to our Facebook page.

Share our Page – Go to our Facebook page and in the lower right-hand corner of our cover photo next to the “Message” button click the three dots. Then select “Share” from the dropdown list.


Our Instagram username is @SwingStreet_Radio so be sure to follow us.

  • We post photos of the Big Band and Swing artists and labels from 78rpm records we play.
  • All our posts have hashtags e.g. #GlennMiller #Sinatra #EllaFitzgerald #BigBandMusic. This is one of the ways in which people can discover Swing Street Radio on Instagram as our posts show up in hashtag searches. Another way which people can discover us on Instagram is when you press the “heart” button on any of our posts as this will inform your followers that you’ve liked our photos (they’ll see this under their “heart in a comment” menu button).
  • When you click on any of our photos you can click the three dots and “share” our Instagram post on your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr pages.
  • You can also leave us comments under any of our photos.

TuneIn Radio App – on ANY smartphone or tablet.

You can listen to us on the free TuneIn Radio app by searching “Swing Street Radio” and then follow us on there to save us as your favorite radio station. Then you can let everyone know that you’re listening to great Big Band music on Swing Street Radio via TuneIn by clicking the share button and choosing Facebook, Twitter or even email amongst the share options – it will tell your friends the current song playing on Swing Street Radio with a link to TuneIn. You can also use the share button option to send Swing Street Radio an email to let us know you’re listening. Just type as the e-mail address.