Mildred Bailey

Mildred Bailey (February 27, 1907 – December 12, 1951) was a popular and influential American jazz singer during the 1930s, known as “The Queen of Swing”, “The Rockin’ Chair Lady” and “Mrs. Swing”. Some of her best-known hits are “It’s So Peaceful in the Country”, “Trust in Me”, “Where Are You?”, “I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart”, “Small Fry”, “Please Be Kind”, “Darn That Dream”, “Rockin’ Chair”, “Blame It on My Last Affair”, and “Says My Heart”.Her brothers were the vocalist and composer Al Rinker and the lyricist Charles Rinker. In 1925 she secured work for her brother, Al Rinker, and his partner, Bing Crosby. Crosby helped Bailey in turn by introducing her to Paul Whiteman.